We’ve been baking delicious bread for over 80 years

Damascus Bakeries, home to the Original Pita, serves delicious satisfaction through our line of artisanal flat breads.

Damascus Bakeries, Bred in Brooklyn Since 1930

In 1930, our maternal grandfather, Hassan Halaby, opened Damascus Bakery, a local storefront bakery on Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, responsible for producing Middle Eastern Pita and Lavash Breads to feed the local community.

During the 1960’s, ‘70’s, & ‘80’s, our father, Anthony Mafoud, and our uncle, Henry Halaby, introduced our Pitas, Lavash and other traditional baked goods made with Old-Fashioned Excellence to the other boroughs of New York as well as to other cities in America.

By the mid ‘90’s, third generation bakers, Edward and David Mafoud, began the Innovative Baking of traditional flatbreads –such as Lavash and Pita- into Artisan Wraps, Roll-Ups and Panini breads. Our products now sell in all fifty states, and even other countries.

Today, we are very proud to say that Damascus Bakeries is Baking a Difference in many lives!

We work healty

We bake in SQF certified and Clean Label certified facilities, upholding a tradition of clean baking environments and natural ingredients.

We bake healty

We are Non-GMO and Non-PHO capable and only use the purest, highest quality ingredients. We use specialty, nutritious flours such as Flax, Khorasan and Sprouted Grains.

We grow healty

We partner with our suppliers, employees and community to continuously create value for our customers. Additionally, we are proud to have been awarded “Best Places to Work” in both Brooklyn and New Jersey.